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  • moon danceMoondance
  • eclair en l'airEclair en l'air
  • windroseWindrose
  • tuch comedyTuchcomedy
moon dance


Moondance is an aerial show act high above the heads of the audience.
The acrobats dance on, in and around a flying globe constructed of aluminum.
This performance is complemented with a sensual and dynamic performance on aerial tissues.
A live accompaniment violin player is possible.

Length: 10 min.,
floor area 3m x 3m,
Height at least 12m,
Weight approval at least. 800kg

sol air
eclair en l'air

Eclair en L'air

Éclair En'lair is a dance theater of in midair in six scenes.
When circus, dance and poetry meet, then you will experience the magic of the chandelier of Éclair En'lair.
Steadily, the scenario converts into new images ... a firework of light, colors and weightlessness - until the chandelier will come alive!

Length: 2 x 10 min.,
floor area 6m x 8m,
Height at least 9m,
Weight approval at least. 1200kg

sol air


"Windrose" is specially designed for outdoor events.
Once it is windy, the fine organza tissues become their own life. As a safety bungees are used through so the choreography gets an extra dimension.
As well in halls of this act has a great effect, because the performance height is 12m.

Length: 6 min.,
floor area: not necessary needed
Height at least 8m,
Weight approval per trapeze hanging point at least. 400kg

technical rider
sol air
sol air
tuch comedy

Tuch Comedy

IN BETWEEN - Solo with tissue loop
Caught up but always in flow - this performance pointed out the apparently agravic freedom but stays always grounded in truth.

Length: approx. 7 min.,
floor area 6m x 6m,
Height at least 3m,
Weight approval at least. 300kg