• Kulturbörse Freiburg - the trade fair for street theatre, acrobatics + variety

    • kulturboerse_freiburg_the_trade_fair_for_street_theatre_acrobatics_variety

    Also this year Sol´Air Company is present at the trade fair in Freiburg. Between all the booths from artist agencies and theater companies they show videos + photos of their aerial artistic. A huge banner of their show act MOONDANCE decorate the stand.

    Mr. Bean and Petra are sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower ? No - just having a break among the hustle and bustle of the trade fair...

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  • Gala Show at Event in "Wasserwerk Berlin" by Sol´Air Aerial Artistic

    • gala_show_at_event_in_wasserwerk_berlin_by_sol_air_aerial_artistic

    Once again SOLAIR COMPANY demonstrate: they feel homelike on any kind of stages. At festivals, street art events, variety or like at this gala: the publique is always captivated by this poetic aerial acrobatic, always open mouths were left behind...

    The "Wasserwerk Berlin" is an extraordinary event location: this water supply company building has been built in the end of the 19. century and all the old pumps and treadmills are still there and get used by SOLAIR as their stage! This creates a phantastic atmosphere and opens new dimensions.

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  • Presentation Event Porsche Panamera: Aerial artistic + acrobatics in the air from Sol´Air

    • presentation_event_porsche_panamera_aerial_artistic_acrobatics_in_the_air_from_sol_air

    A great circus spectacle of the 4 aerial artists: like skydiver they hover down from the ceiling, do somersaults + present beautiful poses - thunderous applause !Top-class experience of gala shows, no silks, rope or trapeze, only hanging at steel cables!

    Pending close above the 4 cars they grab the tissues, hover up again and reveal the new Porsche models. Like wings of angels the long tissues are waving in the air. Convenient: the tissues are parachutes!

    A breathtaking performance in the aircraft hangar of Dortmund!

    Photos: S. Kessler + S. Meyborg

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  • acrobatics at a net - aerial artstic open air at German Association of KFD, market square, Mainz

    • acrobatics_at_a_net_aerial_artstic_open_air_at_german_association_of_kfd_market_square_mainz

    Sol´Air show their vertical silks duet once again at a net in a breathtaking way as usual – like her cabaret circus shows . Especially for this KFD-net-event the 2 aerial artists present their „TENDANCE“ choreography at this purpose-made material

    The publique is netted by this performance  on the occasion of the KFD-event for women rights which celebrated his finale today – enthusiastic audience were left behind.

    More photos of this event:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/kfd_bundesverband/albums/72157676092515325

    „This 8-minutes-show act from Sol´Air  was one of the highlights “  Fotos KFD, Angelika Stehle

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  • Circus artistic: vertical silks duet at gala event in Wasserwerk Berlin from Sol´Air Company

    • circus_artistic_vertical_silks_duet_at_gala_event_in_wasserwerk_berlin_from_sol_air_company

    Once more the audience is smitten with their charms when P.Tobies+J.Morell are doing her poetic danceful acrobatics in the air high above the people. This show act presents as well elements of trapeze acrobatics and is created to bracing music.

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  • CYRUS City festival in Poperinge/ BE with many cabaret acts - as well present: circus theatre with aerial acrobatics from Sol´

    • cyrus_city_festival_in_poperinge_be_with_many_cabaret_acts_as_well_present_circus_theatre_with_aerial_acrobatics_from_sol_

    Poperinge near the French border - this sympathic small town organizes this open air event every year. par excellence: street artists from everywhere take the entertainment to the residents. The show act TENDANCE HOLIDAY fits perfectly to the cityscape

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  • A funny aerial theatre with Sol´Air Company at the street theatre castle festival in Clemenswerth

    • a_funny_aerial_theatre_with_sol_air_company_at_the_street_theatre_castle_festival_in_clemenswerth

    Amusing dynamic open air circus artistic with esprit and charm - this is TENDANCE HOLIDAY at the biggest culture event of the year with a first class program mixed from theatre, comedy, acrobatics, dance, cabaret and ofcourse aerial circus artistic!!

    Once a year this event happens around the castle Clemenswerth in August.
    In the alleys of the castle park more than 20 stage locations present entertainment show acts in a variety of genres in time shift.
    Missed it ? The next ticket tombola gonna happen end of May 2017 !

    Photo: Roman Schoenfeld

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  • Open Air Festival - Aerial Artistic at silks with Sol´Air at Kleines Fest im grossen Park

    • open_air_festival_aerial_artistic_at_silks_with_sol_air_at_kleines_fest_im_grossen_park

    "Terrific - the aerial acrobatics at silks with Sol´Air Company" (from: Frankfurt live, online magazin, Foto: Andreas Küster) A great mixture from circus, theatre and variety - the new street theatre festival piece "TENDANCE HOLIDAY".

    The silks duet "TENDANCE" goes holiday! Two days, 3 times per day Sol´Air shows her new piece in the castle park of Ludwigslust:                                                              2 women - just dropped off an airplane - are looking for their hotel. One finds only an endless piece of red fabric while the other one sprightly does her own "private" fashion show and simply doesn´t know which dress she should robe...                                                                                     A sparkish little story begins in a quarrel about the most beautiful outfit - With coruscating humour and breathtaking acrobatics!                                                                         Read the whole article from Elke Backert:

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  • Cirque de Dunes noordwijk - An aerial symphony: a festival, an acrobat and great cabaret theater in the sun shine!

    • cirque_de_dunes_noordwijk_an_aerial_symphony_a_festival_an_acrobat_and_great_cabaret_theater_in_the_sun_shine_

    In this time "Magnolia" has been performed in an aerial loop. The aerial acrobat awakes high up in the air. Acrobatic movements and stunning drops while make this an unforgettable show act. Variety theatre but out door!

    The street theatre festival:  Cirque de Dunes in Noordwijk, NL, the aerial artist: Leila Koekenberger. The sun is shining and the audience is very enthusiastic. Many great festival performances and walk acts can be seen. Thank you Totaal Theater for this performance.

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  • Therme Erding: Aerial silks duet - variety performance arts come to the people!

    • therme_erding_aerial_silks_duet_variety_performance_arts_come_to_the_people_

    GoldenGirls are two aerial acrobats performing on golden tissues high above their audience. An aerial acrobatic duet perform their circus show act to live music from the golden twenties.

    The audience are sauna guests of the Therme Erding. The artists arrive via a golden shell at their aerial tissue. Here begins an elegant and dynamic show act in the air.

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  • Aerial tissue and acrobats at street theatre festival in palace garden

    • aerial_tissue_and_acrobats_at_street_theatre_festival_in_palace_garden

    Two amazing days of street performance, aerial acrobatics and acrobatic acts awaiting the public of the open air castle Richmond festival in Braunschweig. Sol'Air Company proudly presents here the aerial duet "The Sassy Jassy Sisters" performing

    at their freestandig aerial rig. "The Sassy Jassy Sisters" is a modern circus act and tells with humour the story of two circus artists, one in love with her own beauty, the other with her physical strength. Aerial acrobatic theatre with crazy moves and elegant aerial artistry.

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  • Aerial artistry at an openings ceremony for a giant ferries wheel with SolAir

    • aerial_artistry_at_an_openings_ceremony_for_a_giant_ferries_wheel_with_solair

    The guest are seated in the entrance area of the wheel, the eyes fixed on the aerial artist in her trapeze like she would be hanging in a circus tent. The opening of a giant ferries wheel is a beautiful event

    Family and friends of the new owner are present at the festivity to celebrate his new business. What better could fit here than an aerial circus act to begin with.

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  • P&G Summer event: Aerial acrobatics and circus are the themes of this summer!

    • p_g_summer_event_aerial_acrobatics_and_circus_are_the_themes_of_this_summer_

    Janneke van Amelsvoort (www.aerial-yoga.nl) and SolAir Company performing with dance moves in the aerial hoop and in the tissues at their own trapeze rig.

    It is a warm summer night, the location is next to the Loosdrechten Plassen, a beautiful lake district next to Amsterdam: looks like holiday :-) but no it's work, but the nice kind of. The audience is a happy party crew of P&G, celebrating their summer event with circus entertainment and a barbecue.

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  • KIELER WOCHE 18.-26.6.2016 - that street theatre festival in the north of germany!

    • kieler_woche_18_26_6_2016_that_street_theatre_festival_in_the_north_of_germany_

    A new circus theatre production from Sol´Air developed especially for the Kieler Woche! Imaginative aerial acrobatics at net + silks - for enthusiasts of variety and circus entertainment!

    A mermaid ist caught in a net, she can lastly escape und does a joyful dance at the silks. 3 times daily for 8 days this showact has been seen at KIEL ARTIST - in the burning sun, storm + rain! ... and got awarded to KIEL ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2016!

    www.kielartist.de/#gewinner  You missed it? Come and see 2017!

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  • MOONDANCE - aerial artistic at a roofing ceremony event from Upper West Berlin

    • moondance_aerial_artistic_at_a_roofing_ceremony_event_from_upper_west_berlin

    The crown of the roofing ceremony ist a globe: Two artists show a breathtaking performance at a globe (Foto: Sergej Glanze). Exceptional open air circus acrobatic high in the air from Sol´Air.

    Supported by live music Sol´Air performs a version of their MOONDANCE duet especially created for this roofing ceremony!

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  • Koningsdag - Open Air Event with

    • _koningsdag_open_air_event_with_

    At kings day in Ommen/ NL we are asked to perform 3 times an trapeze show act at our freestanding aerial installation. This day is a traditional festival for everybody and the king ;-)

    Next to high class acrobatic you can find as well bouncy castles and horse shows - an event for the hole family.

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  • Aerial acrobatic show: Chandelier show "Eclair en l´air" at Event in Schaffhausen

    • aerial_acrobatic_show_chandelier_show_eclair_en_l_air_at_event_in_schaffhausen

    "Eclair en l'Air" is the highlight of a gala event celebrated by MOBILIAR in Switzerland. Fairy elbs sneak in and ensorcell the publique with outstanding trapeze and aerial technic high above their heads.

    The audience is stunned by the breathtaking skills of partner trapeze, acrobatics, dance and fire in this a high-class performance! Near by the famous "Rheinfall von Schaffhausen" this location take place is an old industrial hall with a beautiful high stage as a centre. Here the chandelier of "Eclair en l'Air" is rigged.

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  • Performance show special: Sensa - like circus but better !

    • performance_show_special_sensa_like_circus_but_better_

    Acrobatics and aerial artistry on a theatre stage: "Sensa" is our new circus theatre production, a unique poetic show combinig circus, dance, mime, live music, aerial hoop, silks and more!

    Tickets were sold out for this circus production already two month before. Our host, Konzerttheater Coesfeld gave us a warm welcome with this exciting news. Performing on stage with Quadro Nuevo and the artists of "Eclair en l'Air" was a great pleasure for us and an enthusiastic audience were left behind!

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  • Aerial tissue duet in the styles of the year's 20 at a feminist circus festival in Prague

    • aerial_tissue_duet_in_the_styles_of_the_year_s_20_at_a_feminist_circus_festival_in_prague

    As circus artists we are performing with "The Sassy Jassy Sisters" at two golden tissues at the Fun Fatale Festival in Prague. We bring old circus traditions back to live, turn them around and create them new with an own story.

    "The Sassy Jassy Sisters" is a circus act with a smile. Dramatic drops, flirting moves, longing splits and a lot of swing ..all together: fun to watch!

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  • "Berliner Runde" - Acrobatic - Show act at TissueTrapeze + Silks from SOLAIR

    • _berliner_runde_acrobatic_show_act_at_tissuetrapeze_silks_from_solair

    Brilliant cabaret performance in the tall experimental hall of the TU Berlin - here the variety performing arts come to the scientists, and they become an enthusiastic audience about this unexpected circus art.

    Dreams come true - between all kinds of scientific machines and research projects an aerial artist leap into view and shows her breathtaking dance at her TissueTrapeze and later again at silks. A successful Berliner colloquy with an airy crowning highlight!

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  • Partner trapeze acrobatics at Sport Gala with SolAir

    • partner_trapeze_acrobatics_at_sport_gala_with_solair

    Every year the city of Ennigerloh/ Germany organises a gala event packed wit acrobatic, jonglage and a big variety of circus and sport skills. The show program has an impact of 2 hour entertainment with 15 different acts performed twice a day!

    Three years in follow SolAir Company is asked to perform an aerial act at this special event, now with "Styles" an duo-trapeze-act. This aerial act shows elegant trapeze technic combined with dynamic power moves.

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  • Circus acrobatics in the air: spectacle at opening of the christmas market in Wiesbaden

    • circus_acrobatics_in_the_air_spectacle_at_opening_of_the_christmas_market_in_wiesbaden

    This year a fantastic aerial spectacle was presented at the "Sternschnuppenmarkt" (Falling stars market) by Solair. This time they came without their usual trapeze or rope, they hovered in a split position above the people + danced with their tissues.

    Every year the residents of Wiesbaden create something special for the opening of their christmas market. And this year it was exceptionally beautiful ! Two angels raised up in the snowy sky, flew above the guildhall and then down to the audience on the market square. It was a really christmasy feastful atmosphere, the guests and even the mayor were very choked up and in the best mood ever !

    Photo link: http://www.wiesbaden.de/microsite/weihnachten/010/content/bildergalerie-eroeffnung-15.php#241934

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  • Moondance – aerial acrobatics in a high flying globe

    • moondance_aerial_acrobatics_in_a_high_flying_globe

    LOLLAPALOOZA - Festival for music, variety, aerial artistic+ streettheatre Berlin, Germany

    Imported from America to Europe - the legendary Lollapalooza festival takes place on our continent
    the 1. time. In Berlin! As well present is SOL´AIR COMPANY!
    With bands like Seed, Muse and 60 000 people (sold out!) they are in society at its best.
    The buff/ the fans are enthusiastic!  Sadly missed? Next year and ensure tickets now!
    You´ll see extraordinary aerial artistic at the globe, rope, tissue or chandelier!

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  • The Sassy Jassy Sisters – Tissue Duett for a dinner show

    An aerial duet as a highlight event of a dinnershow for Becker Büttner Held, Fulda, Germany

    Becker Büttner Held was planning a business event under the motto ”circus”.

    So what a good idea to book a very sassy circus aerial show! All their business relations came dressed up as circus artists. It was such a fun!

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  • Sol’Air Aerial Company presents at artist fair in Hamburg

    • sol_air_aerial_company_presents_at_artist_fair_in_hamburg

    Alsterkult in Hamburg is the place to be to meet and greet aerialists, artists and performers!

    SOL´AIR COMPANY was present at the 2. artist fair in the north of Germany

    with their wonderful charming stand.

    This year a live show was unfortunetely not possible - but next time !  Go there absolutely !

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  • Magnolia – Dans Trapeze @ Harbour festival

    • magnolia_dans_trapeze_harbour_festival

    aerial performances outdoor @ PreSail Ijmuiden, Nederland

    It was fun! It was great! And it was windy!
    all good ingredients for a harbour festival.
    PreSail takes place a few days before the real SAIL event in and around Amsterdam. Nice to be part of it with an aerial show act by Sol’Air Company!

    Photo: Erik Baalbergen

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  • Styles – a duett in the trapeze

    • styles_a_duett_in_the_trapeze

    Streeta(rt)nimation, a Street Theatre Festival in Luxemburg

    It’s well worthwile to take a stroll through the pedestrian zone. You will encounter about thymie different aerial acrobats, mimes, stilters, travelling musicians, tumblers and crazy fantastic creatures who will take you to a coloured fantasy world of poetry and comedy. Pleasure and good humor will be the order of the day.

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  • Duo Trapeze – “Styles”, aerial highlight

    • duo_trapeze_styles_aerial_highlight

    Beemster Feestweek is a smal festival in Middenbeemster, Netherlands

    Middenbeemster - visitors of the Beemster Feestweek watching with admiration the graceful acrobats in the evening sun.

    The ice skating rink area is as an open air theater. One minute flit the two lovely ladies of Sol'Air the trapeze into a meter high tripod, the next sound from the audience a startled Oeh 'as an acrobat from the hands of the other seems to slip. But it's part of the show, at the last moment she grabs her colleague at the ankle.

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  • Magnolia @ the Dance Trapeze in Koblenz

    • magnolia_the_dance_trapeze_in_koblenz

    Very happy and proud to present aerial art @ street theatre performance festival.

    This year the international juggler and small arts festival from July 24 to 26 takes place, under the motto "jugglers fortress" , on the Ehrenbreitstein fortress held in the historic ambiance of Europe's second largest preserved fortress above the roofs of Koblenz. Here the venues are excellently suited for clowning, acrobatics, cabaret, comedy, children's theater, vaudeville, walk acts, puppet shows and many more circus acts.

    Fotos: Wolfgang Vogt 

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  • “ZOOM” - circus theatre performance

    • _zoom_circus_theatre_performance_

    Sol'Air Aerial at Parkfestival in Hameln, Germany

    Zoom is a funny and contemporary circus theatre show. Sol'Air Company performs in this show act in the silks, on the trapeze, in the bungees, acrobatics, dance and comedy.

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  • Highflying showact – “Moondance”

    • highflying_showact_moondance_

    International summer stage with Sol'Air Company in Wolfsburg, Germany

    Opener of the evening: over the heads of the audience the artistes of  "Sol'Air" were performing their aerial duet. "They were totally in sync," praised a guest.

    Foto: Sebastian Bisch

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  • 3 tissue performance – “Teambeat” in Berlin!

    • 3_tissue_performance_teambeat_in_berlin_

    music festival with lots of performances and aerial art @ Berlinfestival, Germany

    Between the main acts of the festival Sol'Air performed with a very cool show act: three ladies in white tissues high up in the air dancing to the modern beat of the DJ music!



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  • Elements - Circus Act in the rope in a Shopping centre

    • elements_circus_act_in_the_rope_in_a_shopping_centre

    Moonlight Shopping im Dodenhof with beautiful aerial acrobatics in the tissue rope and trapeze in Posthausen, Germany

    Sol’Air Company happy presents the circus act “Elements” at moonlight shopping in Dodenhof. It was great pleasure to be there.

    photos: copyright 2014 dodenhof

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  • Aerial tissue act: Silvermoon

    • aerial_tissue_act_silvermoon

    st-ART Showcase Festival in Tegelen, Netherlands

    Last three years the st-ART festival was very succesful. Totaal Theater will organize this International Promotion festival in cooperation with Shalton Theatre and TukkersConnexion.

    A showcase festival at the Open-Air Theater De Doolhof in NL-Tegelen. An international promotion festival of circus and street theatre, as a stART of the new season, showcasing a special selection of many national and international artists.

    In this edition of the st-ART festival several enthusiastic artists will be ready to entertain you and to share information about their performances. The festival takes place between 12.00 and 17.00 hours and is freely accessible to a wide audience.


    Fotos by www.virtual-sensation.com

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  • Sol´Air Company exhibit aerial artistic at the artist fair in Freiburg - the mass for theatre + variety

    • sol_air_company_exhibit_aerial_artistic_at_the_artist_fair_in_freiburg_the_mass_for_theatre_variety

    As well this year the two circus acrobats are present in Freiburg. As always they illustrate their newest show acts and evergreens of street theatre, gala, event, festival and variety.

    Special highlight: a huge helium balloon with two little puppets at a vertical tissue !! A great aerial artistic installation at their stand - or could we call it "aerial artistic walkact" ? ( the ballon cut loose and wavered through the hall…)

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  • Aerial acrobatic show at a rope + tissue with Sol´Air Company at an event in the historic marble hall of Bad Ems

    • aerial_acrobatic_show_at_a_rope_tissue_with_sol_air_company_at_an_event_in_the_historic_marble_hall_of_bad_ems

    All people who missed these both performances at new year´s eve, could see it now: Sylvia + Petra gonna come again to Bad Ems ! They show their artistic duets at rope + tissue, swirl around with ease that there might not exist gravity !

    Absolutely must see, who is able to smuggle himself between all these invited guests…

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  • Circus Show at New Year´s Eve gala with Sol´Air Aerial Artistic in the chandelier hall of Bad Ems

    • circus_show_at_new_year_s_eve_gala_with_sol_air_aerial_artistic_in_the_chandelier_hall_of_bad_ems

    Once more Sylvia and Petra ensorcelled the audience with their duets at the rope + tissue at this annual ball. The publique was quiet as a mouse when they presented their dance up in the air. Poetic danceful moments changed over to breathtaking drops.

    2 times enthusiastic applause for the charming acrobats with their wonderful choreography!

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  • Duo - Elements - Circus aerial act

    • duo_elements_circus_aerial_act_

    aerial showact act at anniversary celebration of MAN Diesel in Oberhausen, Germany

    <p>Solair Company is pleased to be the highlight of the anniversary celebration of MAN Diesel in Oberhausen. The show act &quot;Elements&quot;, a duett in the aerial rope,&nbsp; is supported with a laser show of www.lasa-berlin.de. In addition Solair Company provides its own stage light.</p> read more
  • Variety Showacts from Sol´Air Company at event in the "Riding Hall of Hannover"

    • variety_showacts_from_sol_air_company_at_event_in_the_riding_hall_of_hannover_

    2 times Sylvia+Petra went up in the air: they showed each 1 performance at a rope + tissue. With fanciful poetry they presented two wonderful dances in the air. The guests were enthusiastic about this terrific artistic.

    All in all it was a great evening: the riding hall was renovated very aesthetically, the mood of the lighting was perfect for a gala dinner, the meal was exquisite and: aerial artistic of Sol´Air - what more could you ask for?

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  • White Trash Beautiful - Wall Dance - Street Theater

    Street theater

    <p>The Lenzburger Gauklerfestival is unique and unmatched in its kind in German-speaking Switzerland. More than 10,000 visitors enjoy year after year of unique performances and an incomparable cheerful mood. This is made possible after all the many, many dedicated artists from all over the world.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>www.lenzburg.ch<br /> Photographer: Nicola Fracassi www.PicNico.ch</p> read more
  • Gala Dinner in Brussels with amazing various circus skills

    • gala_dinner_in_brussels_with_amazing_various_circus_skills_

    Sphere Celeste was the highlight of an evening event in the old theatre at Hotel le Plaza, Brussels - Belgium

    Sphère Céleste is a visual and musical show for event, gala, circus, festivals.
    A clowny dancer in her magic sphere, a flying caracter hang on her tissues-trapeze and a musician with her violin for to tell us this surprising meeting.

    A beautiful enchanting story made for magical entertainment.

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  • Fantastic aerial show act in the habour of Trier, Germany

    SolAir performs an outstanding spectacle high up in the air while the audience arrives on a cruise boat at the event location.

    Solair Company has congratulated the Port of Trier for his birthday with a spectacular aerial show. The acrobats danced around on a flying ball in and around it.

    This show act was rounded off with a sensual and dynamic performance on the silks.

    Rebcca Waller accompanied this impressive aerial acrobatic show of on the violin.


    Music by Roger Subirama: www.rogersubirana.com


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  • Flowers falling from the sky as an aerial promotion show

    • flowers_falling_from_the_sky_as_an_aerial_promotion_show

    On the second day of the flower show in Deggendorf SolAir performed an aerial promtion show at the main market. 5000 flowers where falling from the sky, followed by the performance "Windrose" in the bungees.

    "Windrose" is specially designed for outdoor events.
    Once it is windy, the fine organza tissues become their own life. As a safety bungees are used through so the choreography gets an extra dimension.
    As well in halls of this act has a great effect, because the performance height is 12m.

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  • Two playful fairies opening with an aerial showact the flowershow in Deggendorf

    • two_playful_fairies_opening_with_an_aerial_showact_the_flowershow_in_deggendorf

    During the day SolAir performs different aerial showacts. You will see them in the bungees and in the tissue.

    SOLAIR COMPANY are part at this year flower show in Deggendorf, Germany. As opening act we are gonna perform the aerial duet "Elements" . In the following days we will present our solo aerial showacts "Windrose" in the bungees and "Woodnymph" at the tissue.




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  • Aerial artistic with Sol´Air in the Pegasus Variety Show "Elements of Light"

    • aerial_artistic_with_sol_air_in_the_pegasus_variety_show_elements_of_light_

    For 2 month Sylvia + Petra present their duet at the vertical rope in the christmas show in the theatre in Bensheim. The circus show is rapid, funny + diversified: acrobats, aerial artists + tightrope dancer rotate to magicians, comedians + jugglers.

    The finale is a wonderful kitschy snowball fight ! And: there is awesome food !

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  • SOL'AIR in Christmass-eve

    • sol_air_in_christmass_eve

    spielt "OBBA" mit Cirque Magnifique in den niederl�ndischen Theaterh�usern. Zu sehen gibt es hier live und in vorweihnachtlicher Atmosph�re drei verschiedene Luftdarbietungen aus dem Repertoire von SOL'AIR.

    "Elements" als Duo am Seil, "Tango" am Vertikaltuch und "Magnolia" am TuchTrapez sind hier in eine zirzensische Geschichte integriert.


    06 Dezember, 15:00 Uhr in Nieuwegein

    13 Dezember, 15:00 Uhr in Veendam

    18 Dezember, 19:00 Uhr in Goes

    20 Dezember, 14:00 Uhr in Nijmegen

    23 Dezember, 15:00 Uhr in Oosterhout

    26 Dezember, 15:00 Uhr in Ede

    29 Dezember, 14:00 Uhr in Hoofdorp

    02 Januar, 19:30 Uhr in Wageningen

    Weitere Informationen unter www.cirquemagnifique.nl

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